spontaneous combustion

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spon·ta·ne·ous com·bus·tion

the ignition of a mass of material by heat developed within it by the oxidation of the substances composing it without external ignition.
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While "Auto Ignition" was banned locally, it was highly celebrated in the other side of the world.
In order to reach the auto ignition conditions of the lean fuel air mixture at the end of the compression Zhao describes two possibilities in [1].
In comparison to gasoline, the engine lubrication oil is a fluid with high boiling point and high auto ignition temperature, with the values for these two characteristic temperatures being very close.
and Sung, C.J., "Auto ignition of toluene and benzene at elevated pressures in a rapid compression machine," Combust.
The results obtained from SI, HCCI and IQT highlights that FACE fuels and PRFs behave differently in all three conditions: rich autoignition as in the IQT, very lean auto ignition (HCCI) and stoichiometric (SI knock).