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12d we have shown the common ancestor of Canrightia and Chloranthaceae as having three free carpels and the syncarpous gynoecium of Canrightia as an autapomorphy (in terms of parsimony this is equivocal, since the syncarpy character is undefined in unicarpellate taxa).
The haustellum is the only suggested autapomorphy for adult Trichoptera [25] and we propose that the structure in the holotype of A.
These depressions are also observed in Lusotitan atalaiensis lectotype, and might represent an autapomorphy of this taxon.
Reports differ on whether or not the inner surface of the proventriculus is toothed, and on what counts as teeth: one study claimed that absence of proventricular dentition is an autapomorphy of the Euphasmatodea (Tilgner et al.
Crotaphytus grismeri is not represented here, as this species has the unique condition of a predominantly closed Meckel's groove (an autapomorphy of the species; McGuire, 1996), which was not seen in any dentary from Fowlkes Cave.
satan, the mid-portion of the maxilla shows a dorsoventrally reduced and narrower alveolar margin, which is almost covered by exostotic ornamentation, a condition that is here considered as a probable autapomorphy of this taxon.
loftini may be parsimoniously considered an autapomorphy. In addition to R.
In snakes and lacertilians, exclusive paired structures developed along the lateral wall of the cloaca - the hemipenis, regarded as an autapomorphy of that group (RIEPPEL, 2000; POUGH et al., 2003).
A reduced paraconid in the second lower premolar is an autapomorphy of Brachypotherium (Antoine, 2002).
quekettiana complex indicates that they too will have spermatophores with scale-like spines, suggesting that this is an autapomorphy for this smaller-shelled clade.