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a continent commonly referred to as "the land down under."
Australian antigen - hepatitis B antigen first identified in serum of Australian aborigines.
Australian Q fever - acute rickettsial infection transmitted by ticks and caused by Coxiella burnetii, most often found in Australian bandicoots.
Australian X disease - Synonym(s): Murray Valley encephalitis
Australian X disease virus - Synonym(s): Murray Valley virus
Australian X encephalitis - Synonym(s): Murray Valley encephalitis
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They stunned world champions Austrlia and cancelled out the misery of losing the first Ashes cricket Test.
of Natural Resources and Mines of Austrlia selected its SampleManager LIMS, Yukon instrument integration program and Pathfinder consulting ...
FIRST ROUND - Evie Dominikovic, Austrlia, d Annabel Ellwood, Australia, 6-0, 6-3.
CRICKET: Steve Waugh led his Austrlia side off the pitch after paceman Brett Lee had come close to being hit by a firecracker during the NatWest Series clash with Pakistan at Trent Bridge.
14-1: Darwin, Dubai, Kerry, Leeds, South Austrlia, South Africa, Waterford, San Francisco, Perth, Midlands UK, New Orleans, New York and Sydney.
Their problem was that they were managing people in Austrlia, in Japan, in Hong Kong, in Singapore.
He's a stand-out second-row, a stand-out leader and the Lions won the deciding third Test with Austrlia in 2013 with him as leader after Warburton had been injured in the second Test loss.
TELL-TALE SIGNS OF SUSPECT SWILL: Misspellings, such as "Austrlia" in place of "Australia" Wonky labels and poor-|quality print Flat printed labels |where products are usually embossed or have holograms Unusual places of ori-|gin, such as vodka from Italy Vague or incomplete | importer details Bottles on display filled |to different levels Unfamiliar or unheard-|of brands Sediment in liquid that |should not be present
"The way we distribute entertainment at the moment is quite archaic," Jones, who is touring Austrlia for the Supernova Pop Culture Expo, has been quoted by the ( Sydney Morning Herald as saying.
STOKED FOR STOKES I WAS over the moon for Ben Stokes when he was named in the England squad for this summer's one-day internationals against Austrlia.