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Although euro notes and coins won't be issued to replace Irish pounds, Portuguese escudos, Austrian schillings and the rest until 2002, the new currency will immediately come into use for noncash transactions ranging from government bond issues to credit card and check purchases.
The policeman gave him 1,000 Austrian schillings - about pounds 14 and the equivalent at the time of more than a week's wages.
Construction on the present site began in 1964, though realization of the entire hospital complex took another 30 years to complete, and a staggering 45 billion Austrian schillings (US$3.
The company saw revenues of 125 million Austrian Schillings in 2000.
Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, German marks, Finnish markka, French francs, Greek drachma, Irish punts, Italian lire, Luxembourg francs, Netherlands guilders, Portuguese escudos, Spanish pesetas.
7 billion Austrian Schillings of sales volume with about 5000 employees worldwide and is one of the most successful enterprises of this field.
At the same meeting, the shareholders approved conversion of the company's nominal capital from Austrian Schillings into Euro and conversion of the company's shares into "pro-rata shares.

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