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Symbol meaning Asp (aspartic acid) or Asn (asparagine or its mono- or diradical).
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(ā″simp-tŏ-mat′ik) [ ¹an- + symptomatic],


Without symptoms.
asymptomatically (-k(ă-)lē)
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The group, which owns the Australian Stock Exchange and Sydney Futures Exchange, was said to be one of around six potential suitors that had approached Nasdaq and were interested in the stake, put up for sale last week.
The Australian Stock Exchange yesterday played down rumours it was eyeing Nasdaq's 31 per cent stake in the London Stock Exchange.
Currently, Jacobstein serves on the external advisory board of The Marcus & Millichap Company, a diversified real estate holding company based in Polo Alto, California, and is a member of the board of directors of Macquarie DDR Trust (MDT), a listed property trust traded on the Australian stock exchange.
and other key global markets, excluding Australia, following assignment of the exclusive Australian development rights to EnviroMission by SolarMission in return for equity in EnviroMission at the time of the Australian company's listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2001.
Qantas confirmed that it is the target of the bid and released a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange saying "the approach is confidential and incomplete and is being investigated." Macquarie called discussions "preliminary" in a press release and said that "if a firm proposal is made, [it] will adhere to the existing rules governing the ownership of Qantas, in particular that there will be continuing majority Australian ownership." Nov 23, 2006
ABC is listed on the Australian stock exchange and is the second largest child care provider.
SDS will be consolidated into Sandvik from 1 June and the company will be de-listed from the Australian stock exchange before the end of the same month.
Just two days after Australian firm revealed they face losses of up to pounds 70million on the troubled project they issued a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange which said: "There remains a material risk the stadium will not be available for the FA Cup final."
As nurse-turned-entrepreneur, Garrett acquired a company in a similar line of business in Australia and earned a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. Now, with sales of $29 million expected this year, MedAire is aiming for a launch on a major U.S.
In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Macquarie Airports said that South West Airports Consortium, of which Macquarie Airports Group owns 50%, is no longer bidding for the sale after the UK's Office of Fair Trading referred the bidto the UK Competition Commission.
The awards are in association with Computershare, and co-sponsored by AAP MediaNet, ACN Newswire, Armstrong Miller + McLaren, Australian Stock Exchange, boardroomradio, Citibank, Georgeson Shareholder Communications, Orient Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sky News Australia, Thomson STREAMX and World Television.
At the offer price, ARF said it will have a market capitalization of $108 million and will be the first biodiesel producer to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

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