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Effects of auricular acupuncture on anthropometric, lipid profile, inflammatory, and immunologic markers: A randomized controlled trial study.
Auricular acupuncture for drug dependence: an open-label randomized investigation on clinical outcomes, health-related quality of life, and patient acceptability.
The effects of auricular acupuncture on smoking cessation may not depend on the point chosen an exploratory meta-analysis.
He first introduced these five auricular acupuncture points in 2001 while serving with combat troops in Afghanistan.
On this day, we will be offering $35 auricular acupuncture treatments from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.
Acupuncture, including auricular acupuncture, also relieves low-back pain and improves function (SOR: B, 2 RCTs).
All of the aforementioned phenomena were reversed by administering auricular acupuncture. This novel finding indicates that auricular EA is maybe used for clinical epileptic therapy.
Auricular acupuncture therapy is based on the understanding that the outer ear represents all parts of the body.
A 2009 RCT divided 159 patients at 25 to 38 weeks' gestational age into 3 groups: auricular acupuncture at specific points for one week, sham auricular acupuncture at nonspecific points for one week, and controls.
Lorraine Montgomery, specialist nurse in urology, said: "Auricular acupuncture is an innovative treatment which, thanks to the support and expertise of Coping with Cancer therapists, we are able to offer to prostate cancer patients at the Queen Elizabeth.
This project will investigate the effects of auricular acupuncture on chronic SCI-related neuropathic pain after an eight-week period of weekly acupuncture sessions.