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auricular acupuncture

A type of acupuncture once practised in China and recently revitalised; acupuncture needles are inserted in various highly specific sites in the auricle where, according to its advocates, there are over 200 acupuncture points that may affect any diseased part of the body.
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Her topics include the anatomical terminology of auricular medicine, the clinical energetics of the ear points, ear diagnosis and morphology, multiple uses of auricular points, and ethical issues.
The World Health Organization considers auricular medicine a form of microacupuncture that can affect the whole body [23].
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Determination of neurohormones in humans had been both indirect using auricular medicine techniques and direct from cerebral spinal fluid, serum, and lymph fluids as well as fresh non-pathological biopsies of peripheral tissues.15 Navach believed that more direct determinations needed to be done, especially within the central nervous system (CNS).
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