Aunt Mary

A regionally popular term for marijuana
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References in classic literature ?
TO THE MEMORY OF Aunt Mary Lawson WHO TOLD ME MANY OF THE TALES REPEATED BY THE STORY GIRL Once upon a time we all walked on the golden road.
That is, I did miss a silver pencil case that Aunt Mary Pratt gave me last birthday--"
Aunt Mary got me some new things, for I came off in such a hurry I wasn't half ready.
My Aunt Mary and Uncle Alfie had a son and two daughters.
He was preceded in death by his aunt Mary (Louie) Hemmerick, uncle John Conlon and cousin Shannon Hane.
My aunt Mary would go with him as often as she could find a place to rent near the base.
Flanagan worked as a shoemaker and would often travel for work, which brought him to Liverpool where he was employed by his aunt Mary Flanagan at Bent Street, which was situated on what is now grass landscaping opposite the junction of Scotland Road and Leeds Street.
Julie's Aunt Mary came to watch her take her karate test.
AUNT MARY, what's baann knock?" I looked over my mug of chicory root "coffee" at my nephew screwing his eyes at the word.
And it reminds me of the Spectator's agony aunt Mary Killen's wonderful advice to a woman thinking about replacing her husband.
Synopsis: An unwelcome guest appears as Mark Twain is preparing to host his dear Aunt Mary's annual visit.
"At least once in every movie, a Glaswegian voice would make us sit up and pay attention for a couple of seconds - and my granny would call through from the kitchen, 'That's Aunt Mary Gordon!' "She was undoubtedly the first Scottish woman to make it in Hollywood and I think her pioneering, independent spirit is to be admired."