Aunt Hazel

A regionally popular term for heroin
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Smith's aunt Hazel Thompson, from Prestatyn, issued a statement on behalf of several members of her family - including her daughters, parents and sisters.
Besides his wife and daughter, Bob is survived by his sister and brother-in-law Beverly and Robert Monts of Willow Grove, PA, his brother and sister-in-law Glenn and Barbara (Barbie) Watson of Leonardtown, MD, his niece's family Jennifer & Steven Cairns and their children Ryan and Natalie of Schwenksville, PA, his niece's family Susan and Andre Depue and their son Nathan of Furlong, PA, his Aunt Hazel and Uncle Alred of Waldport, OR and his father-in-law Robert (Bob) Otto of Yalesville, CT.
Speaking at the hearing his aunt Hazel Caines told how he was like the son she never had and she saw him every day.
Jo and Pietro Pizzilli send pounds 30 'in memory of our beloved parents Bert and Margaret Priestley and uncle Ron and aunt Hazel Priestley, quietly remembered every day'.
Her aunt Hazel put her in the recovery position and told McKee not to move her but, after she left, the twisted stepdad carried Kerry upstairs and put her into his bedroom.
You head to the counter, blandishing the gift card Aunt Hazel gave you three years ago.
My mother in the throes of her desire for periwinkle paint for the butterflies she thinks should decorate the kite, Aunt Hazel apoplectic, in the end waving a broom and threatening to call the lunatic asylum, which went out of business before anybody in the room was born.
He sat at my Aunt Hazel's house - my Aunt Hazel supports me - and he said, "We're going to bring him down, we're going to bring him down." And the way that you bring him down is you take him as a candidate, you don't deal with the issue as an issue.
She leaves her daughter, Lisa and son-in-law Mack McAleer, and granddaughter, McKaila McAleer of New Milford CT; sister, Mary Gilson of Woodville, MA; aunt Hazel (Boyatzi) Simmons of Natick, MA; nephews, Jonathan Gilson and family of Grafton, MA; Clifton and family of Midlothian, VA, many cherished friends and cousins especially Margaret Lowe of Natick, and Cathy and Ken Bach of Medway.
They lived in Throckley but moved away and I have been told that Janet may have gone to live with her Aunt Hazel when she was quite young.
'Her Aunt Hazel and a close family friend then took her to bed and tucked her in and left her in the house with her stepdad George.