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Leopold, German anatomist, 1828-1897. See: Auerbach ganglia, Auerbach plexus.
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The scammer asked Auerbach to help him collect a severance from a local corporation that Auerbach knew well.
Furthermore, the partnership will also enable Mirabaud to disseminate its research and investment ideas on Swiss equities of high value to Auerbach Grayson's clients in the US market, comprised of more than 500 of the largest US institutional investors.
Moses Auerbach was born in Halberstadt, Germany into a local rabbinic dynasty.
This is the first release on Auerbach's new label, Easy Eye Sound, and it is a rather promising start.
This is the first release on Auerbach's newlycreated label, Easy Eye Sound, and by all accounts, it is a rather promising start.
Along with the Auerbach piece, the first session of auctions for Bowie's collection broke 11 records for 20th Century British artists.
Beatrice Fox Auerbach died in 1968, but the sixth generation of her family is still involved in the local community.
Such fear was unfounded, however, in regard to the group of paintings, weavings, and sculptures in "Projective Instrument." Auerbach's artworks are not meant to illustrate or explain a concept; they are meant to create an experience informed by a concept.
The essence of Said's theory of secular criticism is the refusal to belong to a dominant culture and totalizing forms of critical systems, that is, to remain in "exile." Said suggests Auerbach as the best model of a secular scholar since he had developed his theory from the vantage point of his exile in Istanbul.
Then there is the fact that the essence of Auerbach's work lies in repetition, revisitation, and familiarity: much of his oeuvre depicts one of two things--the parks and streets around his studio, and portraits of close friends or relatives.
She finished first in four of seven major races, including the MSTCA's Winter Festival, Invitational and Red Auerbach Freshman-Sophomore meets.