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John, U.S. physician, 1875-1948. See: Auer bodies, Auer rods.
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This Note answers that question by arguing that in those interpretive battles, the veteran's canon should triumph over Chevron and Auer. The veteran's canon is a traditional tool of interpretation, (16) and as such, it should be applied to resolve ambiguity before courts defer to the VA's views on a statute or regulation.
In addition, the issues of the issue of promoting peace in Afghanistan is included in the strategy, said Auer.
Auer and Lama, from Tyrol in Austria, were also considered among the best mountaineers of the times.
"It's always a shock when any climber dies, particularly those that are very well publicized, but perhaps people might be a little more shocked that it wasn't an 8,000-metre peak with a high death rate in the Himalayas," Routen, who has been closely following the careers of Lama and Auer, said. "Inherently all mountains carry risk... You can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Lama and Auer were also world-class mountaineers who had climbed some of the toughest routes around the globe.
'I am pleased that the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton, Zineta Bogunic provided the necessary this support,' Auer added.
Ambassador Auer hosted an award ceremony at his residence on March 7 to honor outstanding members from a mentorship program run by Women in Korea (WIR), a female leadership group at the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI).
"SIM Sheds bring golf simulation to the average golfer," said Auer. "Playing a round of golf outside is a pretty significant time commitment that typically competes with family or work time, not to mention the challenges that New England weather brings.
The 32-year-old from Bathgate, who qualified on pole, led from the start at the Hungaroring before crossing the line 0.587secs ahead of Auer.
Dr Auer is now leading the world's first clinical trial of the combination in 24 patients.
"Surgery is very effective in removing solid tumours," said senior author Rebecca Auer.