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John, U.S. physician, 1875-1948. See: Auer bodies, Auer rods.
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The Supreme Court was faced with a similar interpretation question in Auer v.
Ambassador Auer informed him about the heightened interest of large French state-owned companies in getting involved in the construction of facilities in Macedonia, such as the railroad to Bulgaria, in making investments in the free economic zone in Tetovo and in the construction of facilities for production of electricity from renewable sources of energy.
Israel's defense ministry said it was unfamiliar with the claims; DrEnger and Auer admitted it had provided the Nazi state with equipment, but stated they'd believed the masks were for civilians.
Auer, the CEO of BSMG and Fortini, the group's chief clinical officer, came to the organization in 2009 from the Queens Long Island Medical Group.
Auer largely bases his study on the three main narrative sources for the history of the Delhi Sultanate: Tabaqat-i Nasiri of Minhaj-i Siraj Juzjani (written in 658/1260); Tarikh-i Firuzshahi of Diya-yi BaranI (written in 758/1357); and the homonymous work by Shams-i Siraj 'Afif (written in 800/1396).
The crowd - and candidates - laughed when Auer said he found Jesus Christ while smoking pot in the 1980s.
Auer stressed that he would continue his efforts to promote further cooperation widening between the European Union and Tajikistan.
Auer says he worked with the Weld County Assessor's Office to come up with his estimate that the Greeley-Evans School District 6, representing 20,000 students has received about $11 million from energy developers in the past two years.
French Ambassador Auer addressed the importance of the French role in the region from both historical and political points of view.
John Auer, the company's president and chief executive officer, said his company saw a swollen post-Katrina residual market that wanted to shrink.
On 1 April 2012, Xaver Auer, who comes to S+S with many years of management experience in the high technology optical instruments industry, was appointed the new managing director of S+S.