auditing process

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au·dit·ing pro·cess

(awdit-ing proses)
Review of billing and health records to determine coding and billing accuracy.
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Secretary-General's special representative for Afghanistan and UNAMA head, had to reassure the candidates about the auditing process, saying in a statement, "it could not be otherwise given the high stakes and widespread mobilization of supporters they were both able to achieve over two rounds of voting.
The usage of IT in auditing process not only provide more control but also its adoption will likely to have improved control and monitoring activities which eventually provide better prevention and detection of misstatement.
The auditing process has an unrestricted access to all activities, records, documents and assets as well as to officials at all levels so as to guarantee efficient implementation of tasks.
Under the new legislation, audit committees now must have at least one financial expert on board, and their scope of responsibility in the auditing process has widened.
by Hassan Khitab on 20 July, 2014 - 13:33 KABUL (Pajhwok): The auditing process of the ballots cast during the runoff presidential elections was suspended due to misunderstanding between the two candidates, an official said on Sunday.