audit trail

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audit trail

A software-tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed.

(1) A sequential printed or electronic record of individual audits, which can be used to assess the successful completion and maintenance of performance improvements.
(2) A permanent record of claims and/or payments stored on the database.

The entire written record of documents, correspondence and reports that document study conduct; a secure, time-stamped record that allows reconstruction of the course of events relating to the creation, modification and deletion of an electronic study record.

Study files, changes to CRFs, drug accountability records.
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audit trail

Informatics A software tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed. See Internal audit.
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doc·u·men·ta·tion trail

(dok'yū-mĕn-ta'shŭn trāl)
A detailed sequential record of events pertaining to a particular matter; used as a risk management technique.
Synonym(s): audit trail.
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Electronic locks with integrated audit trail can be used to secure and manage access to a wide range of equipment and locations; along with data center racks, these include:
Audit trails should be created incrementally, in chronological order, and in a manner that does not allow new audit trail information to overwrite existing data in violation of [section]11.10(e)." (4) Title 21 CFR Part 11, Subpart B "Electronic Records", [section]11.10 (e) Controls for Closed Systems, describes the requirements for the audit trail as follows:
Review those important audit trails (the ones you identified during validation) along with test results.
To read more, and to learn how Microsoft Dynamics audit trails can help your company, visit the To-Increase blog at
BATS also suggested leveraging the capabilities of existing audit trail mechanisms such as the Order Audit Trail System, developed by independent US securities regulator FINRA, as a way of realising significant cost savings.
The group has also been working to understand and influence standards organizations relevant to the audit trail to facilitate the reestablishment of the seamless audit trail.
The Audit Manager toolkit provides a detailed audit trail of claims and overall performance of individual agents that managers can use to track development and claims histories.
For example, all of the bulletin boards in the classroom were used to create an audit trail to document the thinking, meaning-making, and overall consensus of the class.
Interstage Contentbiz v7 extends support for Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), offers a new extensible audit trail and enhances integration capabilities.
A comprehensive audit trail of all activity is stored in both locks and keys.
The HAVA law has prompted the panic-driven buying of expensive, totally electronic voting equipment--machinery which does not provide a paper audit trail. The obvious solution is for Congress to repeal HAVA on the grounds that it is both unconstitutional and unwise and let the states return to their traditional laws governing assistance to voters with disabilities.
ROBERT GILES (Letters, November 22) propounds the familiar defence of betting exchanges in that they provide an audit trail enabling the identification of irregular betting patterns etc.