audit trail

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audit trail

A software-tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed.

(1) A sequential printed or electronic record of individual audits, which can be used to assess the successful completion and maintenance of performance improvements.
(2) A permanent record of claims and/or payments stored on the database.

The entire written record of documents, correspondence and reports that document study conduct; a secure, time-stamped record that allows reconstruction of the course of events relating to the creation, modification and deletion of an electronic study record.

Study files, changes to CRFs, drug accountability records.
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audit trail

Informatics A software tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed. See Internal audit.
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doc·u·men·ta·tion trail

(dok'yū-mĕn-ta'shŭn trāl)
A detailed sequential record of events pertaining to a particular matter; used as a risk management technique.
Synonym(s): audit trail.
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And remember the Audit Logs? The county, as an informal third party to the suit, was ordered to produce them (from the main tabulating computer), along with the voter lists, copies of envelopes, and other election records.
* The ability to digitally notarize and time-stamp any electronic record, including CAD drawings, LIMS records, design diagrams, device readings, audit logs, spreadsheets, videos, and email correspondence
They may involve firewalls, intrusion detection systems within the network architecture, audit logs, proofs of timely updates to virus protection and defenses against the latest hacker tactics, written procedures for attack response and investigation, a data backup program, a corporate computer security education program, and evidence of a successful disaster recovery drill.
The WSAL Notifications Extensions allow WordPress administrators and owners to extend the functionality of WP Security Audit Log for a more complete WordPress monitoring and auditing solution that allows them to keep track of everything that is happening on their WordPress and WordPress multisite installations.
The new version of WP Security Audit Log allows WordPress Multisite super administrators to monitor all activity of all the sites on the network while administrators can monitor the activity of the site they administer on the network.
An election lawyer will never say that the missing audit log is an indication of election fraud or irregularities.
He said the audit log would show the time when the precinct opened, the time the vote was cast, and the time the precinct closed.
In a separate statement later issued to media, Macalintal said Marcos was ill advised to claim that the ballot boxes now being revised did not have the precinct audit log reports.
An audit log shows the time that voting started and ended in a precinct.
"Audit log is a record of when the VCM (vote-counting machine) is opened, when the ballot was inserted, when the votes were transmitted to the server and when the VCM was again closed.
Under Section 29, F of Comelec Resolution 10057, the Board of Election Inspector is asked to deliver the precinct audit log report, along with other documents to the election officer.