audit trail

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audit trail

A software-tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed.

(1) A sequential printed or electronic record of individual audits, which can be used to assess the successful completion and maintenance of performance improvements.
(2) A permanent record of claims and/or payments stored on the database.

The entire written record of documents, correspondence and reports that document study conduct; a secure, time-stamped record that allows reconstruction of the course of events relating to the creation, modification and deletion of an electronic study record.

Study files, changes to CRFs, drug accountability records.

audit trail

Informatics A software tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed. See Internal audit.

doc·u·men·ta·tion trail

(dok'yū-mĕn-ta'shŭn trāl)
A detailed sequential record of events pertaining to a particular matter; used as a risk management technique.
Synonym(s): audit trail.


a well-defined information pathway that leads from data point to data point and sequentially from analysis to conclusion.

audit trail
as for accounting trail but designed for audit purposes.
diagnostic trail
a diagnostic decision tree.
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Audit trails must be retained for a period at least as long as that required for the subject electronic records (e.
Item 7: Annex 11 refers to keeping the audit trails for as long as required by the predicate rule requirements for record retention, but there is no explicit statement in Annex 11.
Cunha goes on to reveals examples of situations in which audit trails will benefit IEM operations, including:
Let's backtrack a bit to get an understanding of how this not-so-mythical company ended up with a pile of computer code in lieu of a true audit trail.
Researchers and developers can encounter a number of problems when implementing and using audit trails in ETEs.
Preserve the integrity of physical-world processes and bind transactions online with signing capabilities and audit trails.
IN ADDITION, USERS can apply audit trails to determine whether inadvertent or unauthorized changes have occurred.
Automatic generation of the audit trail: The regulations do not require automatic generation of an audit trail unless the user will routinely be entering and changing the data--which means it is needed on the shop floor.
Ultimately, with CYA SmartRecovery, Open Text customers are ensured their authentic audit trails are recoverable.
Furthermore, the process incorporates a complete audit trail, an essential component for complying with government regulations in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
The solutions can be implemented at any business that requires a high level of integrity for audit trails such as administrations, financial, credit card, telecommunication, medical, insurance, on-line auction and entertainment industries as well as sensitive information sharing environments.
The certification of McLaren's Enterprise Engineer to interoperate with our SmartRecovery product provides the only end-to-end solution that allows engineering practices to preserve the documents and audit trails generated in Enterprise Engineer," said Wayne Crandall, CEO at CYA Technologies.