Honeycomb Atrophy

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A rare autosomal recessive [MIM 209700] symmetric dermatopathy (genodermatosis) characterised by skin atrophy with sharply demarcated ‘pits’, variably accompanied by cardiac defects, mental retardation, neurofibromas.
Prognosis Usually slowly progressive; spontaneous regression has been reported.
Management Dermabrasion, cryotherapy, ultraviolet light radiation, topical medications, CO2 and 585 nm pulsed dye lasers
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Papules and cysts around the elbow, pitted scars over the healed lesions, atrophoderma vermiculatum and hypo pigmented streaks over the scalp can be associated with APL (7).
Differential diagnoses included scarring secondary to varicella, atrophoderma vermiculatum, hydroa vacciniforme and infantile acne but these were excluded by the chronic course, clinical findings and lack of seasonal variation.
Generalized BFH may represent generalized follicular hamartoma syndrome (Brown-Crounse syndrome), tuberous sclerosis, Cowden syndrome ("multiple hamartoma syndrome" involving organs from all 3 germinal layers), multiple trichoepitheliomas, NBCCS, Rombo syndrome (atrophoderma vermiculatum of the face, multiple milia, telangiectases, acral erythema, and a propensity to develop BCC), and multiple tumors of the follicular infundibulum.