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A moralist term for a politically or ethnically motivated mass-killing of civilians, as a single specific event, or a series of events, or genocide; characteristic of an atrocity is its brutal or systematic nature in violation of all moral principles; it is only justified in deviant social systems
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Reviving Atrocity Photos: The Centrality of Visual Memory Enhancing Atrocity Memory
For the first time ever the victims of the atrocity were not described with tribal labels in media reports.
We need to recognize and act on our moral obligation to stop the monstrous injustice of atrocity crimes," Cooper said, adding that these crimes must be "abolished forever and the UN has given us a founding principle upon which to develop tools so that this simple, yet profound, principle can truly be implemented.
We are proud to sponsor the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention with USAID," said Randy Newcomb, president and CEO of Humanity United, a human rights foundation.
Turkey), suggest that this is precisely their value, in that they can problematize dominant and selective narratives of atrocity and they can also help link micro and macro processes of atrocity and survival.
We've seen it all: war after war and atrocity heaped on atrocity.
Probably the worst atrocity was returning to my hometown in Mississippi after college graduation and being denied the right to vote.
Canada) and his colleagues introduce new research findings on the Nanking Atrocity of 1937-38--alternatively known as the Nanking Massacre or the Rape of Nanking--collectively finding that "the Atrocity was a shameful violation of law and morality" by the Japanese, but also finding themselves in "grudging and qualified agreement that certain intractable facts betray key points in the official Chinese narrative and in Western accounts that follow it.
3 /PRNewswire-USNewsire/ -- Another atrocity in Baghdad today has targeted the innocent people of Iraq.
FAMILIES of the Omagh bomb victims made a fresh demand yesterday for the Government to establish a cross-border public inquiry into the atrocity.
If Bush and the neoconservative warmongers were aware of the reality that war itself is an atrocity, and that many evils are done by both sides, perhaps they would not be so quick to rush into battle.
Out of this perspective comes a reading practice towards representations of atrocity that she hopes is more ethically and critically productive.