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In cardiology, erratic motion.
[L. turbulentus, stirred up, fr. turbo, to disturb]


n casting term used to denote irregular flow of metal into a mold. May result in porosity.
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The 30-meter telescopes are going to require not a single laser but a grid of laser beacons, each of them with their own cone, to try to reconstruct the atmospheric turbulence in three dimensions," Macintosh says.
In this paper, the effects of atmospheric turbulence on the quantum polarization fluctuations of QHG beams are studied and the analytical formulae for the degree of depolarization of QHG beams propagating in a turbulence atmosphere slant channel are obtained.
e](L) for the GSM beam through atmospheric turbulence and the global coherence parameter [zeta] are expressed by
When fired across the massive distances that the ABL requires, the atmospheric turbulence distorts and diffracts a laser beam, reducing its lethality.
Topics discussed in the book include the foundations of scalar diffraction theory, digital Fourier transforms, simple computations using Fourier transforms, Fraunhofer diffraction and lenses, imaging systems and aberrations, Fresnel diffraction in vacuum, sampling requirements for Fresnel diffraction, relaxed sampling constraints with partial propagations, and propagation through atmospheric turbulence.
1 Skyball air node terminal; to this the company has applied its bi-directional Adaptive Optics correction to the inherent wavefront distortions cause y atmospheric turbulence, thereby ensuring link stability.
At European airports, flights are often delayed or suspended during snow storms and atmospheric turbulence that threaten airplane safety.
AOptix said that it applied its bi-directional Adaptive Optics correction to wavefront distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence and the high-speed closed-loop control system ensured link stability so that all of the encrypted light was inserted with minimal loss back into the fibre.
This is just the effect of atmospheric turbulence on our ability to see into space.
In January 2007, the ABL fired two solid-state illuminator lasers at the NC-135E "Big Crow" test aircraft, verifying the ability to track an airborne target and measure atmospheric turbulence.
Telescopes on the ground suffer from the blurring effect induced by atmospheric turbulence.

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