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'I believe that I am one of the few Athenians - perhaps the only one - who studies the true political art and that I alone of my contemporaries put it into practice.
But while just like in the battle of Cyzicus four years before --when the Athenians again carrying the day after wiping out the Spartan fleet of 80 triremes--, the Spartans made again a peace offer which the Athenians rejected.
His use of foreign mercenaries certainly didn't endear him to most Athenians such that, by 510 BC, he was already on the defensive.
In the early sixth century his code was repealed at the Solon's reform, with the sole exception of the homicide law, which the Athenians believed that remained unaltered during the Classical age.
(9) The Athenians in 480 were able to erode the Persian fleet's fighting ability at Artemisium, admittedly with the help of a storm, and soon after at Salamis were able to defeat the Persians at sea, making the decisive land battle at Plataea possible and thus saving Greece.
In that regard, the stele (tombstone) that marked the grave of the great Greek dramatist Aeschylus identifies him as a veteran of the pitched battle between the Persians and the Athenians at Marathon in 490 BCE, with no mention of his dramatic triumphs.
After an elementary introduction to Thucydides' unique historiography, Nichols offers five chapters following chronological order: Perikles and his idealized Athenians; the juxtaposed treatment of Mytilene and Plataia, two dependent states; the Spartan commander Brasidas and war propaganda proclaiming the liberation of Hellenes; the disastrous Athenian aggression against the Sicilians; and later oscillations of the Athenian Alkibiades and Athenian fortunes.
Even maimed and battered, this temple to Athena, built of 100,000 tons of Pentelic marble and sitting 500 feet above modern Athens on the limestone rock called the Acropolis, has represented for the cultural heirs of the Athenians all the ideals--political freedom, beauty, humanism, and rationalism--that lie at the heart of Western culture.
Socrates and the Athenians are in different ways purifying themselves and fulfilling an obligation to Apollo by re-enacting Theseus's voyage.
(53) On the other hand, Kahrstedt accepts the generalship, (54) and Avery follows suit, (55) while Hornblower underscores the fact that the Athenians had started to appoint supernumeraries with different titles to meet the then current command needs, but is inclined towards accepting the three commanders as generals.
ATHENIANS. Then we on our side will use no fine phrases saying, for example, that we have a right to our empire because we defeated the Persians....
"Athenians love to party and they love to talk," she said.