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Sports medicine A person who participates in an interscholastic, intercollegiate, or intramural athletic activity being conducted by an educational institution, or a professional athletic activity. See Athletic trainer, Athletic training.


increasingly favoured term for a person involved in any physically demanding sport (not only track and field athletics).

Patient discussion about athlete

Q. what else besides athletes foot can cause painful itchy burn tops of toes if the toes are bumped they throb and it hurts to flex toes, small red spots on toes

A. maybe only an allergic reaction is able to do so. but i would go on the athlete foot theory. or as they say "it's much more common to find horses and not zebras in America" 99% of the time it's an athlete foot. but it's o.k- it's relatively easy treatment.

Q. Can someone know what sport requires the highest degree of fitness from its athletes? I wanted to be a great sportsman. I am from a family where fitness is given least importance. My father is diabetic and my mom from obesity. They have sick lifestyle and weird food pattern. They do not exercise at all and would laugh at me every time when I wear my shoes. I am normal but they just ignore me and think that I cannot be a sportsman. I would love to get moving and show this world that I can achieve my dreams. May father want me to help him and he is a truck driver. He eats 10 times per day and has never tried exercising his whole life. Already doctors have advice him and found that he has more cholesterol but he just phewphews them laughing. I think I have a great lesson from my parents on how not to be and I am very much interested in sports. Can someone know what sport requires the highest degree of fitness from its athletes?

A. it's good to hear you are taking responsibility over your health, it's not taken for granted. most sports, if you want to get in to Olympic standard,needs a great fitness. but i can tell you that swimming needs great physical strength, so is running and bicycle racing. so you can go do triathlon!

Q. What can I do to help prevent arthritis in my older ages? I’m 17 and a martial artist and in martial arts getting arthritis is one of the worst possible things that could happen to you and it can be career ruining. What are some foods I can eat exercises I can do to help prevent this from happening.

A. I found some info about arthritis prevention:
Arthritis Prevention Tips

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AN IRISH athelete - the only man to have run a marathon on each of the world's seven continents in one year - says he's been given the cold shoulder by race organisers.
The West Tigers' 26-year old, 'face of the game' in 2011 was charged with one count of assault after he reportedly occasioned actual bodily harm against a male victim, whom Marshall's camp has contended was showing aggressiveness in his behavior prompting the star athelete to attack him.
She is the most heavily-sponsored female athelete in sport and has made about four times as much from modelling as she has from the game.
South African athelete, Castor Semenya, is causing much controversy in the world of athletes after she won the women's 800m at the athletics World Championships yesterday with many left wondering about her gender.
He's an athelete, a natural finisher, can use both feet, is tremendous in the air and has great awareness.
But Alison and her grieving family persuaded the devoutly Christian athelete to stay on and compete.
In fact, he looks like a bit of a clown figure - not a professional athelete.
The newscasters are filmed on stage as they energetically analyse the plays and relate all the pertinent stats about the child athelete in a positive and entertaining style.
Dare to be different, Do what you love and love what you do" was the message from creative director Fatima, while athelete Yousef said, "Believe in yourself, work hard and be determined then you will realize your goals.
He's been quoted as saying, "half of the profiles we aired were on foreign atheletes.
With cities raiding other cities for sports franchises, with the huge amounts of public money being spent on sports facilities, with labor disputes between owners and atheletes reaching the halls of Congress, sports stories have leaped from the sports page to the front page.
From 1979 to 1992, while working to improve sports-injury management in schools, Rice collected data on 18 high school sports involving 60,000 teen atheletes.