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1. Having a calming or tranquilizing effect.
2. A tranquilizer.
Synonym(s): ataraxic
[G. ataraktos, calm]
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(1) Tranquillising, relaxing, calming. 
(2) A tranquilliser.
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, ataraxic (at″ă-rak′tik) (-rak′sik) [ ataraxia + -ic]
1. Pert. to ataraxia.
2. Pert. to tranquilizers.
3. A tranquilizer.
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If I lose myself in the world and become unable to rise above the risk it places in my future, then I do not simply accept this and fall into an apathy, or ataraxy, of the 'simply existing'.
"All that is needed is sound common sense, a fund of humor, and a little Greek ataraxy [tranquillity]."
Or what amounts to the same thing, to do as the narrator of the second section of Molloy, that is, to assert and deny at the same time, and with the miracle of an angulation of two possibilities, to realize the injunction of Pyrrho, according to which "we must not assert any more than we deny." In this way, we accede by an epoche and common sense to aphasia and ataraxy. These two moods color the preparatory work of closure in Watt where the protagonist "suffered neither from the presence of Mr.