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Antiretroviral Trial Looking at Sex and Treatment. A trial comparing the clinical outcome of a population of HIV-infected patients for whom current regimens failed. AT LAST was to compare a regimen of two nucleoside reverse transcriptor inhibitors—stavudine (Zerit, or d4T) + didanosine (Videx, or ddI)—with two protease inhibitors—indinavir (Crixivan) + ritonavir (Norvir)—for patients already experienced with NRTI and NNRTI regimens.
Antiplatelet Therapy vs Lovenox plus Antiplatelet Therapy for Patients With an Increased Risk for Stent Thrombosis. A trial that evaluated the effect of low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin) in reducing recurrent thrombotic events (e.g., stent thrombosis) in patients at increased risk for procedural complications.
Most patients at risk for stent thrombosis may be treated with oral antiplatelet agents; enoxaparin may further reduce early thrombotic/ischaemic events, at the risk of bleeding.
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AIDS A clinical trial–Antiretroviral Trial Looking at Sex & Treatment. See AIDS.


AIDS A clinical trial–Antiretroviral Trial Looking at Sex & Treatment. See AIDS, Safe sex.
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