Asymetric Warfare

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Warfare in which opposing combatants have markedly different military capabilities and the weaker side uses non-standard tactics such as terrorism, suicide bombing and stealth
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Even though it is an asymmetrical war between the two sides with the Yameen government holding all the weapons in its arsenal and the opposition having only its conviction and moral force to fight, the ultimate victory will be of one that represents the people's will.
While the emails, which were obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests filed by IBT, show no sign of illegal activity or quid pro quo dealings between lobbyists and lawmakers, they do reveal the asymmetrical war fought between the fossil fuel lobby and ordinary citizens who work and live near their facilities, many of whom wrote their representatives to assert that they weren't anti-fracking, but simply worried about their own or their children's health.
No country can fight such a challenging asymmetrical war such as the terrorism we see today with such divisive and personalized political discourse
TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said in an asymmetrical war, which has been launched against Iran, the immense power that arises from belief in God and jihad is not understood by the enemy.
It's an asymmetrical war that requires asymmetrical responses from governments which may have to sacrifice liberty for security, even though that will fly in the face of the democratic values they hold so dear.
What the Nigerian military has been weak at doing, and I think the Boko Haram insurgency has exposed this, is dealing with asymmetrical war," said Manji Cheto, vice president of Teneo Intelligence, a risk analysis organisation in London.
Al-Shabaab is a jihadist hybrid Salafi organization that has adopted asymmetrical war strategies.
Israel is fighting an asymmetrical war against an enemy that indiscriminately fires rocket and mortars at civilian targets in Israel (more than 10,000 since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005).
The asymmetrical war that waged there by Israel seems disproportionate to a majority of people in the world, not just to Arabs and Muslims.
Tharin, who traveled overnight from Charlotte, North Carolina, holding a sign that read, "I Have a Dream that Gaza Will Be Free," said he was attending the rally because "this is an asymmetrical war, and I can't see that people can observe this and not be angry.
Athar said that each asymmetrical war predicts an inherent tension within its doctrine and therefore a nation faces serious threat of politicize destruction in the post-war scenarios.
An asymmetrical war is defined as one fought between a state and a substate entity, such as a terrorist organization.