metrotrophic test

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me·tro·tro·phic test

an obsolete test for the assay of estrogenic substances; immature female rats (25-49 g) are injected subcutaneously with the hormone and killed after 6 hours, when the increase in uterine weight (due largely to imbibation of water) is taken as the criterion of estrogenic activity.
Synonym(s): Astwood test
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metrotrophic test

An obsolete therapy for depression consisting of intravenous administration of pentylenetetrazole (Metrazole) to induce convulsions, supplanted by electroconvulsive therapy.
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Edwin B., U.S. endocrinologist, 1909-1976.
Astwood test - a test for the assay of estrogenic substances. Synonym(s): metrotrophic test
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