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I extend my heartiest wishes on this occasion," said Atul Tandon, an astrologer.
Astrologers also predicted that 2010 would see a downturn in rising prices of essential commodities.
One of the most highly regarded astrologers in France, she bases her work on a detailed study and analysis of the transits of the planets and a wealth of astrological knowledge and experience.
AOL Astrology channel is partnered and powered by the renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla's astrology website 'GaneshaSpeaks.
Astrological Consultant Howard Sheldon is one of the most widely recognized radio and television astrologers in the world.
Our astrologers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide anytime available for you
Let's get one thing clear, astrologers can't predict death.
Some people make fall in love with their desired girl without in knowledge of her but fail to attract her but think always to marry with her so astrologers are offering love spells to attract a girl technique to make her crazy and warm for those people.
Rising to the occasion, the lot of Hindu priests, astrologers, shamans and other spiritual leaders have started using their standing to inform people about the ill effects of child marriage and teenage pregnancy.
Many astrologers around the world head to specialized schools in France or elsewhere in the West, but I chose a different path.
Some Delhi political heavyweights have unabashedly admitted that they do not move a muscle during the poll season without consulting their astrologers.
Yet for Sutton, as for others practising as astrologers or psychics from the early twentieth century onwards, the role of the print and broadcast media was crucial to securing individual commercial success and generating wider social acceptance of their teachings.