astral travel

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astral travel,

n the belief in or experience of disembodied consciousness (i.e., the “astral body”) moving into other nonphysical realms (i.e., the “astral plane”). Also called
astral projection, mind projection, OBE, or
out-of-body experience.
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Though the Goa scene has waned a bit in the past couple of years, Astral Projection carry on regardless.
While doing his best to avoid the family chapel, Vincent needs to learn astral projection from an elf who tortures him, convince his holy-roller brother Max that he's not pure evil, and keep a major corporation from spewing demons into humanity.
Dreams of falling, flying or floating in space are all symptoms of astral projection.
I'm going to be doing astral projection,'' says magician David Blaine, as he discusses his latest magical trick -if that's what you can call it.
We used to go to car boot sales and pick up old psychedelic records and play in bands that we'd christen The Astral Projection Society.
After settling in (for now) in Florida, Easter begins to experience the most unexpected form of motion: she has moments of astral projection.
They reckon it is a handicapped soldier capable of astral projection - the ability leave his body.