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emotional body,

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Much primitive religious thought conceives that human beings are made up of two body substances: a physical body, susceptible of being touched, smelt, heard and seen; and an astral body made of some sort of mysterious ethereal substance.
Upon death, the astral body detaches itself from the physical body, and mourns in some region within time and space.
In 1943, when he was pronounced dead in an Army hospital, his astral body floated into heaven where he encountered Jesus.
If it were not needed for reincarnation one might almost be tempted to give up the astral body.
In cabala, as Scholem powerfully expounded it, the zelem is at once the mark of human individuality and also the subtle or astral body that defends our material body from the fires of our own soul.
It can sometimes be seen by one's physical eye because it is more dense than the Astral Body, which is the 'Desire Body.
What's the difference between the astral body and the etheric double or doppelgnger?
The astral body usually detaches itself and travels when a person is asleep or when he is tired and resting peacefully.
One's physical body may be in one place but his astral body may be somewhere else.
The astral body can detach itself from the physical body, usually during sleep, and travel elsewhere.
For me, so-called sleep paralysis happens when one's astral body (one of the seven subtle bodies that envelop or interpenetrate the human body), dissociates or detaches itself from the physical body.
The astral body is also called the "desire body," because it goes where one consciously or unconsciously wants to be.