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emotional body,

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When Ken and John came back to survey the glowing remains of the Malevolents, they saw Kevern, his astral body glowing like Pleiades, but John was deeply shocked, for he had seen Kevern in his earthly form many times before.
Paracelsus and his followers also sought to explain the interaction between the human soul, physical body, and spirit or astral body.
This comparison is all the more pertinent since according to Steiner the highest spiritual level of the body is the astral body, a concept that reappears in Althoff's story.
He then went back to his own bed and used a technique he'd employed since he was 10 years of age for projecting his astral body out of the physical one.
Draper (a few years after the invention of modern photography) - or, perhaps, ever since Galileo, looking through a telescope to sketch the crescent moon, observed that its edge was serrated - the relationship between this astral body and man's conception of himself and the universe has not ceased to change, yet something of its essence has remained constant.
Benjamin's aura has a parallel link to the astral body (now featured in our contemporary rage for "near-death experiences"), which he appears to have discussed in conversations with Scholem about the zelem ("image"), the cabalistic version of the same "body of light.