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Judge Sean Murphy QC found Paul Anderson, 30 - who is already serving a 12-month sentence for theft and assult - in contempt for failing to answer a question as he gave evidence in his brother's trial.
The studio rose to prominence in the 1990s with several successful "Star Wars" games like "Rebel Assult," "X-Wing," and "Dark Forces," as well as non-"Star Wars" hits like "Grim Fandango" and the "Sam & Max" series.
Since the assult, Browns career has taken a beating with many radio stations refusing to play his music and many fans turning against him.
STAY COOL, LADS: Kevin Budinauckas doesn't want a repeat of the assult we reported back in August, inset
Accidental death or bodily injury or assult including terrorism sustained by the insured person during the operative time.
Syrian army soldiers in recent months have frequently repulsed numerous assults of the terrorist groups on the power plant.
He acknowledged that political disputes have hampered achievements, regretting the assults on personalities rather than methods.