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The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his or her consent.
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Forensic medicine The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his/her consent. See Sexual assault, Nonsexual genital assault.

assault/interpersonal violence

A social act involving a serious abuse of power, consisting of the exertion of physical force and power over another individual with the intent of controlling, disempowering and/or injuring that individual. See Domestic violence.
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But you will find him in sympathy with his spiritual colleague-in-rhetoric Susan Sontag, who explained that the assualt of September 11 was "not a `cowardly' attack on `civilization' or `liberty' or `humanity' or `the free world' but an attack on the world's self-proclaimed superpower, undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions....
Editor's Note: I certainly do not blame Norinco for the assualt weapons ban, but I do find it ironic that the importation of product from a company owned by the Communist Chinese government resulted in the restriction of our ownership of firearms.
(5.)For a vehement assualt on this "poor analogy" see van Inwagen (1977, pp.
Try calling the cops in the event of an assualt on your home or your person and you risk being told in so many words that such stuff is beneath their attention.
Rosemary Woolf's deft handling of the detractors' fabliau humor cannot be improved upon, but we might ask whether the "vivacity" and "unchecked abundance" of the malicious need have "appalled" the audience.(38) Anthony Gash suggests that laughter in the Wakefield cycle and Mankind might have been used to "woo the audience's approval for controversial social comment put into the mouth of comic or 'evil' characters."(39) The detractors of the "Trial" are both comic and evil, wooing the audience to enjoy rather than abhor their comic assualt on Mary's reputation.
Yet over the next few years the Conservative assualt proved remorseless, if somewhat unconcerted.
The author tries to break the unnatural silence with a relentless assualt upon the taboo.
1985) (affirming an assualt conviction and holding that the defendant's evidence of her subjective belief that she was in peril fell "woefully short" of establishing a reasonable perception of imminent danger).
Applicants for a license to operate a child-care facility are to provide the Commissioner of public Welfare with a sworn statement on any past convictions or pending charges for offenses involving criminal sexual assualt or taking indecent liberties with children.
He did the exact same in the actor assualt case against Dileep.-- Dhanya Rajendran (@dhanyarajendran) September 9, 2018
Over the next few days and weeks detectives sought the help of the public revealing more details about the deadly assualt. They revealed that Mr Savage had been struck several times with an 18-in (45cm) club, believed to have been fashioned from a banister rail.
"We were careful not to assualt the enemy's location before daylight.