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Process in which a medical transcriptionist makes minor changes in a dictated report such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies, redundancies, or inappropriate remarks without altering the dictator's style.
See also: verbatim transcription
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a system that has evolved to correct errors occurring during DNA REPLICATION. The DNA POLYMERASE enzymes involved in DNA replication possess an EXONUCLEASE activity, which serves a ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’ function. Mistakes, in terms of MISMATCH OF BASES, due to the wrong BASE being inserted during replication, are searched for and excised.
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As the associate editor of the Theory and Practice section, I invite manuscripts that relate to all aspect of mental health counseling practice.
Associate Editor for Health Service Applications--Martha Dewey Bergren, RN, DNS.
Susan Eliya has joined the staff of Label & Narrow Web as its new associate editor. Eliya had been associate editor at Montage Media, in Mahwah, NJ, publisher of several magazines covering the dental field.
With much delight I announce that Catherine Nickerson will serve as JBC associate editor. Catherine is an associate professor of business communication studies at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Woodfield, (2006) CSSA Associate Editor; New Zealand
By the time he became an associate editor in 1983, Willis was the dean of the Salem press corps.
We would also like to congratulate DeAnne Toto, who has been promoted from assistant editor to associate editor at Recycling Today Media Group.
The associate editor finds at least three people willing to review each manuscript they have been assigned.
Overseeing Candidate Connection is CaICPA associate editor Jerry Ascierto.
Ottawa--" Marriage is threatened but not by gays," wrote Linda Williamson, senior associate editor of the Toronto Sun in her column of November 3,2002.
Lynn May served for thirty years as associate editor and editor.
But some people, including Richard Smith, associate editor of Gay Times, say the law is no longer used to restrict schools.

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