Assault Weapon

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An automatic or semiautomatic weapon that holds 30 or more rounds of ammunition and which is generally understood to fire one bullet each time the trigger is pulled. There is no technical military definition of assault weapon other than that referring to a weapon used in a military assault operation. The US Army does define the term assault rifle as a short, compact, selective-fire weapon that fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges
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The decision was taken keeping in view frequent incidents of misuse of official assault weapons by police personnel on patrol and those having encounters with criminals on roads of the port city.
There is little evidence that the "assault weapon" ban had an impact on gun deaths.
An amendment that would have banned assault weapons attached to a wider bill failed on Saturday in a largely party-line vote, in response to the Feb.
Real research into the 10-year Clinton ban on "assault weapons" showed that it was completely ineffective and had no impact on crime.
Ordinary people should not be allowed to purchase assault weapons or anything else that can promote killing innocent victims.
"But in the 10 years since the previous ban lapsed, even gun control advocates acknowledge a larger truth: The law that barred the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 made little difference." (1)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that 32,163 people were shot to death in 2011, the latest number available, and Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter who was armed with a military-style assault weapon, fired 156 rounds in less than 300 seconds while killing 26 human beings.
An "assault rifle" (31) is defined as "any of various automatic or semiautomatic rifles with large capacity magazines designed for military use." (32) The trouble for legislators is, and has always been, deciding what various factors suddenly turn a semiautomatic firearm into a semiautomatic assault weapon. In other words, the challenge rests in defining what features suddenly qualify a weapon as one that is generally militaristic in nature, produced for combat.
"But who needs an assault weapon? Like really, unless you're carrying out an assault.
Stallone supported the 1994 "Brady bill" that included a now-expired ban on assault weapons, and hopes that ban can be reinstated.
transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon." (28) Weapons
When I watch them sensually cradling their assault weapons or "zoned out" at the shooting range, I think of Bart, knowing that nothing good can come of this obsession.