Aspiculuris tetraptera

As·pic·u·lu·ris tet·rap·ter·a

(as-pik'yū-lū'ris tet-rap'ter-ă),
The mouse pinworm, an abundant oxyurid nematode of the mouse cecum or large intestine, along with another common oxyurid pinworm of mice, Syphacia obvelata; it is also found in other rodents, including Rattus.
[Pers. espic, fr. L. spica, ear, spike; tetra- + pteron, feather, wing]
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The infection of rodents with Aspiculuris tetraptera or Syphacia obvelata, which are considered to be less pathogenic oxyurids, (Table 1) can be asymptomatic but can also lead to the delayed development of the host and changes in their behaviour (LUCA et al., 1996).
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