aspheric lens

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a·spher·ic lens

a lens with a paraboloidal surface that eliminates spheric aberration.
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Moreover, "HUAWEI P20 Pro" includes a brand-new Leica VARIO-SUMMILUX lens (aspheric lens of 80-27/2.4-1:1.6) with optical zoom to capture long-range photography of up to 5x Hybrid Zoom as well as a highly sensitive image sensor to capture low light images photos with up to ISO 102400.
However, generally, for low astigmats, a toric lens will provide superior vision to an aspheric lens alone.
An aspheric lens element in the eyepiece increases resolution.
The advanced aspheric lens design provides thin, lightweight and comfortable lenses with reduced eye magnification.
Dispensing an aspheric lens, or using a flatter base curve in the highest-powered lens can reduce the visual symptoms linked to aniseikonia.
Generally, an aspheric lens is dispensed to the most positive powered eye in order to reduce spectacle magnification.
Biconvex lenses offer larger lens diameters, particularly in the lower power range and if the patient requires stronger magnification, then an aspheric lens will reduce weight and thickness while controlling distortion and aberrations.