aspheric lens

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a·spher·ic lens

a lens with a paraboloidal surface that eliminates spheric aberration.
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Taking X = [-1,0,1,0,-1] and Z= [0,1,0,-1,0], we obtain asphere.
This test verified the figure of M3, the most complex of the four mirrors--a general asphere with an aspheric departure of 1.
5mm, in a front surface asphere or asphere toric prism ballasted form, with periphery options of standard, steep, steep (reverse geometry) and flat.
The optics are built using reflow-compatible materials to minimize costs, while the complex asphere optical design of the camera meets industry performance standards.
The bubble is spherical because asphere has the least possible area for the volume it encloses.
Its portfolio consists of more than 200 products and solutions, including: Pinnacle Hip Solutions with TrueGlide technology, allowing the body to create a thin film of lubrication between surfaces; the aSphere Contoured Metal Head hip replacement solution designed to approximate the shaping that occurs during the in vivo run-in wear phase; the Sigma Knee System, available in partial, fixed and mobile platforms; and TrueMatch Personalised Solutions, for patient-specific instrumentation.
We believe the rapid adoption of our new ASI metrology system by customers worldwide is a testament to how this product satisfies the key performance metrics for the rapidly growing asphere metrology market, from production environment to research institutions.
Furthering QED's introduction of its SSI-A([R]) metrology system in 2007, which provides metrology capability for mild aspheres (up to 200 waves of departure), QED's new ASI[TM] takes asphere metrology to the next level of performance and flexibility.
Correlation Study between a New Interferometric Asphere Metrology System and Fizeau Interferometer
Interferometric asphere metrology has traditionally required the use of a null lens or computer-generated hologram that must be specially designed for each different aspheric surface.
The ultra-precision grinding machine is to be used in the production engineering research for the production of aspheres, free-form surfaces and lens arrays in brittle hard materials with a geometrically undefined cutting edge.
Fourth-to Eighth-Order Coefficients of Even Aspheres of the Lens Described in Table 1 Surface A4 A6 A8 3 2.