aspheric lens

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a·spher·ic lens

a lens with a paraboloidal surface that eliminates spheric aberration.
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If voltage V is applied to asphere of radius R, the electrostatic field F at its surface is given by:
Surf Type Radius (mm) Thickness (mm) Glass OBJ Standard 15 10 1 Standard 75.638249 0.228611 E48R 2 Even Asphere 0.730586 0.375833 3 Even Asphere 0.677934 1.181807 CAF2 4 Standard -1.704216 0.173513 STO Standard Infinity 0.055548 6 Standard 15.517551 0.530639 CAF2 7 Standard -1.085120 0.367124 8 Even Asphere -3.065604 0.285170 COC 9 Even Asphere 1.970309 1.236203 IMA Infinity -- Surf Semidiameter (mm) Conic OBJ 10.143393 0 1 1.467268 0 2 0.998383 -0.7580 3 0.908234 -1.5743 4 0.692586 0 STO 0.380945 0 6 0.441318 0 7 0.619864 0 8 0.714128 14.9694 9 1.097346 -43.1582 IMA 2.328690 0 Table 4: Merit function table.
Taking X = [-1,0,1,0,-1] and Z= [0,1,0,-1,0], we obtain asphere. Taking X = 2[-1,0,1,0,-1] and Z = [0,1,0,-1,0], we obtain an ellipsoid of revolution.
This test verified the figure of M3, the most complex of the four mirrors--a general asphere with an aspheric departure of 1.5 mm.
The lathe-cut silicone hydrogel or non-silicone hydrogel high-water high Dk Kerasoft IC lens (Ultravision Ltd.) comes in base curves from 7.40mm to 9.40mm, diameters of 14.0mm to 15.5mm, in a front surface asphere or asphere toric prism ballasted form, with periphery options of standard, steep, steep (reverse geometry) and flat.
The optics are built using reflow-compatible materials to minimize costs, while the complex asphere optical design of the camera meets industry performance standards.
Like Roni Horn's subtly asymmetrical "asphere" sculptures, 100 Years is not exactly what it seems: It is supposed to suffer "corrosive self-destruction" in 2104, a fact that charges it with questions about permanence--not only the type to worry art conservators, but also about how artworks and artists pass into history.
The bubble is spherical because asphere has the least possible area for the volume it encloses.
Our proprietary design solutions lead the industry in adhesion, hardness and durability requirements and can be deposited on various shapes and sizes including plano, radius, asphere and freeform.
These aspheres are also available coated for specific NdYAG laser wavelengths as the Techspec [lambda]40 laser grade aspheric lenses.
Fourth-to Eighth-Order Coefficients of Even Aspheres of the Lens Described in Table 1 Surface A4 A6 A8 3 2.453e-4 -6.665e-4 4.128e-5 4 -3.389e-4 5.877e-5 7 - 1.099e-4 1.012e-5 8 -7.147e-4 2.494e-5 1.956e-6 11 (a) 2.905e-4 1.767e-5 -5.590e-7 (a) Stop surface.