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In 1980, Aspar Paturusi claimed that the production of Opa in Jakarta in 1976 had in fact incorporated elements of angngaru and mabbadong, two cultural forms from Makassarese and Torajan cultures.
Britain's Bradley Smith clinched second place in this year's 125cc world championship by finishing runner-up in Sepang today after a protracted duel with title-holder and Bancaja Aspar team-mate Julian Simon - who was winning his sixth race of the season.
Britain's Bradley Smith took second place in this year's 125cc world championship by finishing runner-up in Sepang to title-holder and Bancaja Aspar team-mate Julian Simon.
La enumeratio principum cum tirannis, que aparece enunciada como Nomina omnium principum Romanorum al inicio de la seccion, contiene un catalogo de los Emperadores y tiranos del Imperio Romano desde Julio Cesar hasta el tirano Juan, depuesto en el ano 425 por el ejercito oriental de Ardaburio y Aspar.
Smith, seventh in the current championship, is to leave the Polaris World team for Jorge Martinez's Aspar outfit.
Ditone Labels, part of Clondalkin's specialist packaging division, has won an order to produce 20 million Braille labels over the next two years for Aspar, a manufacturer of analgesic products.
Hector Faubel snatched the 125cc eventwin from his Aspar Aprilia team-mate Gabor Talmasci.
Master Aspar Aprilia's De Angelis had broken away to leave a four-man group involving Takahashi to battle over second place.
The only grave plot at Corinth known to have cost two gold pieces belonged to Polychronios, a singoularios on the governor's staff, but at Argos, the same price of two gold pieces was paid by a tribune and also by someone called Aspar, otherwise unknown.
With the federate crises past, and a growing external threat from the Huns, able professional commanders such as Plinta, Aspar and Areobindus once again rose to the top Magister posts.
68, who concludes that Pulcheria was in fact manipulated by Aspar and, `far from being a proto-Irene', Pulcheria was `in reality, one of the last of the Roman aristocratic wives and daughters, mere tools in the dynastic plans of the men who married them and gave them away'.
ASPAR is a Fortran compiler that performs simple dependence analysis using A-lists to detect parallel loops [20].