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1. In a state of sleep; sleeping.
2. Numb, especially from reduced circulation of blood to a limb: My leg is asleep.

Patient discussion about asleep

Q. I'm having trouble falling asleep. Please give me your tips & advice as it takes me 2 to 3 hours every night. I read a book before shutting off my light as it helps tire my eyes, otherwise I'd be awake all night. I take Amitryptiline for my Fibromyalgia before going to bed which is also supposed to help my sleep but I don't find it's helping much. Maybe you have a routine or a secret ingredient which I could try. I have never taken sleeping pills but I may have to resort to something as I am frustrated. I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome but that is something that wakes me up through the night. All ideas will be welcome except the counting sheep one as I've already been there, done that. Thanks all.

A. wow...i know this frustration by heart....sleeping problems can make you crazy. do you sleep more then 6 hours a night? if so- it might be an unwinded biological clock ... i find it relaxing to do a warm bath before going to sleep (45 minutes before) and then i shut my eyes and picture a giant tree, and every time a thought come to pass- i "frame" it and hang it on the tree. it's a kind of meditation that will help you fall asleep.

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I fell asleep at the wheel when I'd just learnt to drive.
Hours of sleep and working conditions significantly impact the probability that a driver will fall asleep at the wheel.
I explained that I had fallen asleep at the wheel, and his siren had awakened me.
Elsewhere, an 18-year-old E-2 was driving home from a coffee shop at 0315 when he, too, fell asleep at the wheel.
Because sleep is a necessary and often uncontrollable function, all drivers are susceptible to falling asleep at the wheel.
More than one in 10 drivers admits to have fallen asleep at the wheel, and more than two in 10 admit to having momentarily dozed while driving, according to a recent survey of 1,024 drivers done by Farmers Insurance.
Some studies that have been done have suggested that, on a large scale in North America, sleep/wake issues cost an average of $100 billion a year, including accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel, lost productivity and increases in health-care costs," he says.
Queenan had his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, we nevertheless take quite seriously his observation that "something drastic is needed to allay the public suspicion that some boards are asleep at the wheel.
When bad things happen to newscaster Bruce Nolan (Carey), he complains that the Almighty is asleep at the wheel.
A federal study estimates that falling asleep at the wheel causes at least 100,000 accidents, 71,000 injuries and 1,500 deaths per year.
People suffering from sleep apnea are twice as likely to cause traffic accidents from falling asleep at the wheel than those without the disorder, according to a recent survey by researchers at a medical center in Nagakute, Aichi Prefecture.
SleepQuest has launched a program to encourage physicians to include sleep disorder reviews in their annual patient physicals as a measure to address the public safety issue of people falling asleep at the wheel of a car.