Rod of Asclepius

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The ‘correct’ symbol of medicine, which is a knarled wooden staff with a single encircling snake held in the accompanying image by Asclepius who stands frowning centre-stage. A widely used—and incorrect—alternative symbol for medicine is the Caduceus a magic wand with two snakes, held by the Roman god Mercury, also known as Hermes in Greek mythology, to the far left in the image
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Asklepian dreams: The ethos of the wounded-healer in the clinical encounter.
Rather than deriving the power of healing and identity from the Asklepian family of gods, the oath taker seeks professional and personal nurturing, sustenance, and maturity as a follower of Jesus Christ.
the Asklepian hospital/ temples of ancient Greece served to strengthen
Part 3, comprising only a single chapter, offers a preliminary outline of a revised version of palliative care which attempts to route it away from its current path, back to its Asklepian roots.
The distant ancestors of the counseling profession, as exemplified in the healing practices of the Asklepian tradition in ancient Greece, approached clients in the following manner.
The Greek Temple Builders at Epidauros: A Social and Economic Study of Building in the Asklepian Sanctuary during the Fourth and Early Third Centuries B.C., Liverpool.