Alcohol Flush Reaction

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A condition caused by the incomplete metabolism of alcohol with accumulation of acetaldehyde due to a missense polymorphism in acetaldehyde dehydrogenase—ALDH2—resulting in bright red skin due to capillary dilation of face, neck, shoulder, and sometimes the entire body after consuming alcohol. Those with ALDH2 deficiency have up to a 10-fold greater risk of oesophageal cancer, attributed to the accumulation of acetaldehyde
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If you have the condition, boast of having that Asian glow, and some resistance to amoeba.
For the 25%-50% (the figures are variously reported in medical literature) of Chinese with Oriental Flushing Syndrome or Asian Glow, wine will not awaken the sleeping tiger ("China Waits for the Sleeping Tiger," May 2011 issue,) Hundreds of millions of Chinese have a mutation in the gene for aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 isoenzyme, ALDH2, which is needed to metabolize alcohol.
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