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The project is lead by the FOSS R&D NPO, Lanka Software Foundation with support from the Sri Lankan IT industry including Virtusa that was heavily involved in launching the project during the Asian Tsunami.
And the Asian tsunami shook the faith of only 14 per cent of people.
LIVERPOOL'S Steven Gerrard, plus David Beckham and Thierry Henry are among the 50 players confirmed for FIFA's `Football for Hope' benefit match in aid of the Asian tsunami victims.
We don't know if or when it will strike the United States, but like Katrina, the Asian tsunami and the London and Madrid bomb blasts, the potential economic impact that the pandemic can wreak on retail and investment banking, securities and insurance firms in the US and Europe would be long lasting.
AN air hostess married to a British teacher is mourning the loss of 59 members of her family in the Asian tsunami.
THE Rotary Clubs of Liverpool and Liverpool Exchange, who last week collected on both Moorfields and Central stations, wish to heartily thank the people of Merseyside for their wonderful generosity in donating pounds 4, 781 to the Asian Tsunami Disaster Appeal.
IN A stirring yet heartfelt speech, King Carl Gustaf called on Sweden's 9m people yesterday to draw together amid the uncertainty over the nation's death toll in the Asian tsunami.
WHAT kind of person uses the Asian tsunami disaster to steal from the aid organisations providing relief?
Laura James, 13, of Milton, an eighth-grader at Milton Middle School, organized a donation drive that collected more than 3,000 teddy bears for young victims of the Asian tsunami.
FEARS were growing last night for a Scots soldier and his wife who have been missing since the Asian tsunami disaster.
A YOUNG backpacker was yesterday named among the thousands of people who died in the Asian tsunami disaster.
In 2005 Mervyns matched donations for Southeast Asian tsunami relief and provided aid to victims of the Hurricane Katrina and Rita disasters.
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