Asian Paradox

A term referring to the lower than average rate of cardiovascular disease—hypertension and coronary atherosclerosis—,and cancer among Asian people, despite a higher than average rate of cigarette smoking
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Zagoria, in a report "Resolving the East Asian Paradox," outlined worries from the United States that "the weak link" in the security between the United States, Japan and South Korea is Tokyo and Seoul's relationship.
Asked in the interview how dangerous tensions are among Japan, China and other countries in the region and what more could the United States do, Park, who became South Korea's president in February, said, "This could be referred to as the Asian paradox.
One of the strengths of Political Business in East Asia lies in the extensive discussions of different forms of state-business relationships in Gomez's introduction and in Andrew Wedeman's contribution, "Development and Corruption: The East Asian Paradox.
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