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R., 20th-century U.S. physiologist. See: Ashman phenomenon.
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Ashman, of Wolverhampton, admitted failing to inform authorities about a change in his circumstances affecting his entitlement to benefits.
Pictures showed Mr McCalla, from Dudley, walk towards Ashman and attack him with a bottle and what looked like a baton.
After navigating her way down a corridor and into a kitchen, PC Ashman saw the woman "lying on the floor in hysterics" in the very bedroom where the fire was raging.
Mr Ashman praised the authority for the sum - saying this would help it "getting going" on bringing a singing Christmas tree to the town.
Mr Andayi said the case was maliciously filed against Kuldip and Ashman by Dr Sapra who has failed to file evidence in the pending succcession cause.He said the criminal case was geared to circumvent the high court where she has filed an objection and defeat justice since the three children of Dr Sapra have written to both the High Court and Magistrates court saying they have no issue with their two Uncles (kuldip and Ashman) administering the estate of their late father -Yogesh.
At 3.25am on July 1 last year, Ashman attacked Mr McDermot seemingly without provocation, Joylon Perks, prosecuting, told the court.
But Mr Ashman said his nurses had been "second to none", providing topclass care despite the conditions.
THE departure of Steve Ashman is a blow for Northumbria Police.
A sail hit Andrew Ashman, 49, in high winds, a pre-inquest hearing into his death was told.