Joseph G., 20th-century-Czechoslovak gynecologist. See: Asherman syndrome.
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CB&I president and chief executive officer Philip K Asherman said, "This new award builds upon the successful relationship between Orpic and CB&I and is a testament of our customer's confidence in our experience and world-class project execution capabilities.
CB&I is pleased to have been selected for this significant project following the successful completion of the front end engineering and design of the Liwa Plastics Project for Orpic," said Philip K Asherman, CB&I's president and chief executive officer.
Joseph Asherman defined Asherman's syndrome in 1948 as a case of severe intrauterine adhesions secondary to trauma to gravid uterus.
However, one patient had already developed Asherman syndrome in the curettage group within 3 months of follow-up, Dr.
We watched them work under heavy fire for 40 minutes, trying desperately to get a drip into his arm, covering his awful open chest wounds with a dressing called an Asherman Chest Seal, which has a valve to allow air and blood to escape.
Asherman said: "CB&I has been selected for this significant project following the successful completion of the front end engineering and design of the Sohar Refinery Improvement Project for Orpic.
On Army operations, chest wounds are treated with an Asherman Chest Seal (ACS), purposely designed for just that job.
Ezra Nawi and Rabbi Arik Asherman, Israeli peace activists who arrived at the spot after hearing the inhabitants' desperate pleas for help, were immediately taken off to military detention.
What we've done is to exploit the core strengths of today's commercial database systems, especially with regard to efficient transaction processing," said Steven Asherman, president and Chief Technology Officer of Base One.
We are pleased to continue our association with this valued customer as a key provider of clean fuels systems for their refineries," said CB&I president and CEO Philip Asherman.
Rabbi Arik Asherman of Rabbis for Human Rights described the court ruling as the culmination of a decade-long campaign by Israeli and international human rights activists to outlaw the forms of physical abuse that have long been sanctioned within the interrogation cells of the Israeli Shin Bet, or General Security Services.
Pat and Luke have each made significant contributions to CB&I's strategic growth over the past several years and these promotions reflect their exceptional track records," said Asherman.