Joseph G., 20th-century-Czechoslovak gynecologist. See: Asherman syndrome.
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PRP has been used in gynecological disorders including Asherman syndrome management (22) symptomatic vaginal mesh exposure (23), wound healing after cesarean section (24), treatment of thin endometrium following hormone therapy for embryo transfer (10) and premature ovarian failure (25).
Preoperative sonographic measurement of endometrial pattern predicts outcome of surgical repair in patients with severe Asherman's syndrome.
But she was left with the rare Asherman Syndrome, a scarring of the cervix and uterus.
Doctors discovered that due to the D&C Elouise had been struck down with a rare condition known as Asherman syndrome, which causes scarring of the cervix and uterus.
Munro Asherman interviewed 490 subjects and found the incidence of dandruff to be 26% in patients with acne.
Until now, the most promising treatment for thin endometrium or Asherman syndrome (AS) seems to be the stem-cell therapy.
Vonk, "Prevalence of Asherman's syndrome after secondary removal of placental remnants or a repeat curettage for incomplete abortion," Human Reproduction, vol.
Finalmente, se describen algunas otras asociaciones, como las adherencias intrauterinas, el sindrome de Asherman, la utilizacion de dispositivos intrauterinos (24), la endometritis cronica y la exposicion in utero a Dietiletilbestrol.
National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine, "Uterine factor infertility is estimated to affect thousands of women worldwide and can be caused by either congenital MAaAaAeA lleri malformations such as in the Mayer6Rokitansky6KAaAaAeA ster6Hauser (MRK syndrome, or more commonly acquired as in the cases of women suffering from Asherman's syndrome, pregnancy interfering myomas, or hysterectomies."
Asherman syndrome strictly comprises a combination of pain, menstrual disturbance, and subfertility in any combination.