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Winifred, British hematologist, 1879-1975. See: Ashby method.
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I was going to tell you how many unmistakeable admirers I had:- Sir Thomas Ashby was one,--Sir Hugh Meltham and Sir Broadley Wilson are old codgers, only fit companions for papa and mamma.
Then she returned to the ball, and gave me a further account of her deportment there, and at the several parties she had since attended; and further particulars respecting Sir Thomas Ashby and Messrs.
But the one I'm to have, I suppose, if I'm doomed to have any of them, is Sir Thomas Ashby.'
'Oh, I don't mind his being wicked: he's all the better for that; and as for disliking him--I shouldn't greatly object to being Lady Ashby of Ashby Park, if I must marry.
"Anyhow, you'd best go t' Ashby next--that's south'ard.
"I can't afford to go by the coach; do you think there's a cart goes toward Ashby in the morning?"
Even to get to Ashby seemed a hard thing: it might take the day, for what she knew, and that was nothing to the rest of the journey.
The next morning she rose early, and taking only some milk and bread for her breakfast, set out to walk on the road towards Ashby, under a leaden-coloured sky, with a narrowing streak of yellow, like a departing hope, on the edge of the horizon.
"Could you take me up in your waggon, if you're going towards Ashby?" said Hetty.
"Sir Humphrey Tennant of Ashby may till his own fields for me," he cried.
he may wake some black night to find the flames licking about his ears--for fire is a good friend to the poor man, and I have seen a smoking heap of ashes where over night there stood just such another castlewick as Ashby."
LEICESTERSHIRE County Council's highways department has agreed to a temporary road closure at Ashby Road, Loughborough and Ashby Road East, Shepshed.