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The condition of lacking sex, sexually functioning organs, or sexal orientation.
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(a?sek'shu-al) [ ¹an- + sexual]
1. Lacking sex organs or functional sex organs.
2. Produced or reproduced without sex.
Synonym: agamicasexuality (shu-al'it-e) asexually
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for such protections, bolstered by a recent finding that asexuals face
It is policing so-called acceptable diversity within the asexual/ace community (or, analogously, in the lesbian community) by excluding asexuals (or lesbians) because their personal histories and experiences, fail to match normative (male-typical) sexual orientation narratives (for example, "I always knew I was gay/different").
A leading social support group and online forum, Asexual Visibility and Education Network (asexuality.
These propositions are based on several pieces of research on Potamopyrgus antipodarum, a snail common in fresh water lakes in New Zealand which has both sexual and asexual versions.
Two decades ago, a theorist predicted that a species that changed from sexual to asexual reproduction would lose transposable elements because clones without disadvantageous insertions would persist longer than clones bearing such elements.
I know many people like me, either because I've met them or come into contact with them on the Internet in my plans to establish a global Asexual Society.
Polyploid asexual clones may be generated either through hybridization of sexual lineages (Vrijenhoek 1978b, Bierzychudek 1987, Radtkey et al.
At the same time, completely asexual lineages can be found in almost all major groups of plants and animals (Bell, 1982; Asker and Jerling, 1992).
The church is misguided in believing it can take a young person who was brought up in this world, put him in a seminary and fashion an asexual being.
This model does not map neatly onto asexuals, who have not been subjected to the kinds of legal strictures applied to homosexuals.
Sexually produced genes can adapt faster than asexual ones.