Asepto syringe

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 [sir´inj, sĭ-rinj´]
an instrument for introducing fluids into or withdrawing them from the body.
Components of a syringe. Shading indicates areas that must be kept sterile before and during parenteral injections. From Bolander, 1994.
Asepto syringe a syringe designed to fit directly into large lumen tubing; also used for intraoperative irrigation.
bulb syringe a syringe with a bulb on one end; compression of the bulb creates a vacuum for gentle suction of small amounts of bodily drainage, such as oral and nasal secretions. It is also used for intraoperative irrigation.
Using a bulb syringe. From Lammon et al., 1995.
hypodermic syringe one for introduction of liquids through a hollow needle into subcutaneous tissues.
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