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(ă-sep'tāt, ā-),
In fungi, lacking cross walls in a hyphal filament or a spore.
[G. a- priv. + L. saeptum, a partition]
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The hyphae are quite variable in size with average 15-20 [micro]m in diameter and aseptate, unlike Aspergillus, branching at irregular intervals and at right angles as opposed to acute angles as in Aspergillus.
We reemphasize that septa may be seen in these fungi, since they are pauciseptate rather than aseptate molds.
Diagnosis of cutaneous zygomycosis is based clinically on the rapidly invasive course of the disease and demonstration of broad, aseptate or sparsely septate hyphae with right angle branching often with angioinvasion on histopathology and direct examination.
The aspirate contained sheets of polymorphs with thick, broad, thin-walled aseptate hyphae (figure 2).
The AMF colonization was identified on the basis of aseptate hyphae of irregular diameter, growing (i) intercellularly, forming arbuscules terminally in cortical cells (Arum-type of AM morphology), (ii) intracellularly with arbuscules developed on coils (Paris-type) or (iii) forming intermediate types (Dodd et al.