Aselli, Gasparo

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(Asellio, Asellius), Gasparo, Italian anatomist, 1581-1626.
Aselli gland - a single large lymph node ventral to the abdominal aorta that receives all the lymph from the intestines in many smaller mammals. Synonym(s): Aselli pancreas
Aselli pancreas - Synonym(s): Aselli gland
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But they got ahead of him and stopped Asellio from entering the temple and when he had fled into a bar they cut his throat.
The causes for the murder of Sempronius Asellio and the promulgation of the lex Sulpicia may therefore be traced only as far back as the Social War and therefore a recent phenomenon.
At the very start of the war at least some partisan hostilities (we are told) had been laid aside;(7) the murdered praetor of 89, Sempronius Asellio, had been attempting a solution to debt-problems;(8) the issue of jury-selection raised by the scandalous conviction of P.