(AselliusAsellio) (ă-sel'ē),
Gasparo, Italian anatomist at Cremona, 1581-1626. See: Aselli pancreas, Aselli gland.
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In the 17th century, Gaspare Aselli discovered the vessels of the lymphatics and suggested that cancer could be caused by abnormalities of the lymphatic system.
By means of references to Benedetti, Aselli, Harvey, and Champier, Gianna Pomata ("Praxis Historialis: The Uses of Historia in Early Modern Medicine") describes the development of historia anatomica and historia medica (that is, collection of case histories) as tranformations, respectively, of Aristotelian empiricism and Hippocratico-Galenic background.
In some versions of the celestial nativity scene, Gamma and Delta Cancri are the Aselli, or donkeys, guarding the crib.