Ascoli reaction

As·co·li re·ac·tion

a method for confirming the diagnosis of anthrax by means of a precipitin reaction, which indicates the presence of heat-stable Bacillus anthracis antigen in the extracted tissue.
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As·co·li test

(as-kō'ēl test)
Method to detect anthrax that uses a precipitin test with antiserum and tissue extract.
Synonym(s): Ascoli reaction.
[Alberto Ascoli, 1877-1957, Italian veterinarian]
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Ascoli reaction

A thermoprecipitation test for anthrax; used for detection of anthrax bacilli.
Synonym: Ascoli test
See also: Ascoli, Alberto
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Alberto, Italian serologist, 1877-1957.
Ascoli reaction - a method for confirming the diagnosis of anthrax.
Ascoli test - a precipitin test for anthrax using a tissue extract and anthrax antiserum.
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