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(ăs′klə-pī′ə-dēz′) fl. first century bc.
Greek physician born in Bithynia who theorized that disease is caused by an inharmonious flow of the corpuscles of the body. His methods for restoring harmony in the body included diet, exercise, and bathing. Asclepiades also advocated humane treatment of the mentally ill.
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But Asclepiades says that Arsinoe was the daughter of Leucippus, Perieres' son, and that to her and Apollo Asclepius and a daughter, Eriopis, were born: `And she bare in the palace Asclepius, leader of men, and Eriopis with the lovely hair, being subject in love to Phoebus.
19) denounces a physician called Asclepiades (the name is ironic rather than real) who kidnapped a girl, raped her and forced her into a marriage which was attended by a crowd of dancers and lewd women; their chamber's roof also collapsed, leaving bloodied bodies and bouquets.
This paper examines a fundamental, though relatively understudied, aspect of the physical theory of the physician Asclepiades of Bithynia, namely his doctrine of pores.
Katz attributes this version of the riddle to Asclepiades of Tragilus (4th Century B.
1) Chrysippus (3rd century BC), however, still favoured the heart, (7) while Asclepiades (1st century BC) taught that there was no hegemonikon, since the senses controlled all bodily activities.
See, for example, the humorous juxtaposition of Zeus the storm god and Zeus the lover subject to Eros in Asclepiades 11 (Palatine Anthology 5.
Each metre is based on patterns created by or associated with Greek poets like Sappho, Alcaeus, Archilochus, Alcman, Asclepiades.
He is flanked by his father Appuleius Asclepiades on the left and his mother on the right, the patron according to the inscription--Appuleia L.
Granted, one previously known poem in the Greek Anthology, having to do with two prostitutes and a whip, requires some explaining, though it may be the work of Posidippus' friend Asclepiades.
But in process of time, as saith Neanthes of Cyzicum, and Asclepiades the Cyprian, about the age of Pygmalion, a Phoenician, truly, by birth, who reign'd over the Cyprians, the eating of flesh crept in by this sort of prevarication.
The second chapter gives an accurate account of the first contacts of the Roman world with Greek medicine, the rise of Methodism and the contribution of Asclepiades.
58) Macrobio, infatti, afferma che ad impiegare il vocabolo sono nec solus Asclepiades (cf.